While application is installing, opening or activating some features may ask for permissions; refusal of giving the system permissions may cause unexpected errors. If you want the use the application we suggest and demand you to give (including 'Do Not Disturb' permission if asked) system permissions. (App will ask for permissions after opening for operating systems above Android Lollipop (5.0) -can also give error while asking. After all asked permissions are given, this error will disappear & app will be able to run; you can remove and reinstall the app problems continue.)


After downloading the SitRepApp™ and launching it, the first menu appears is the language selection. If some parts of those menus do not fit to your screen, try to lower your system's font size to fit them. If program crashes before this happen, please check the following conditions:


 - There should be at least one person in your contact list. Any person with name but without phone number will be excluded from SitRepApp.

 - There should be free space in your memory, typically more than 25 MB is enough (maximum 150 MB).

 - If your Android operating system is below 4 (KitKat), upgrade your operating system to this or above versions.


(If you satisfy all this requirements and the program still does not open, please contact us via ‘Contacts’ section.)


After the language selection, the Main Menu page will greet you with a popup dialog about the application. From there, you can click on the help buttons (with question marks) to learn about each page except intro page. You can view several menus from below. There may be some dialogs which may ask you to activate some features before using them or menus before entering them, please give permissions after reading carefully.


Launching the Application for the First Time

gallery/main menu - home page
gallery/sitrepapp is working
gallery/sitrepapp çalışıyor
gallery/master controls
gallery/main menu - set up your situation
gallery/main menu - group reports
gallery/main menu - alert case!
gallery/handle status
gallery/handle groups
gallery/time adjusted message