Below are the functionalities of SitRepApp with their detailed explanations.


Every one of us want calls from some people silenced, while other calls should be vibrated or ringed our phones. Now, it’s the time.


SitRepApp application allows the users to configure their phones such that it silences, vibrates or rings the phone at any incoming call or dependent on the number of the caller, SitRepApp application automatically configures the phone to silence, vibrate or ring at the SitRepMode.


You can use this functionality via different options. First, the relevant feature from Master Controls should be active. After that, you can set your current status from Home Page at Main Menu, where icon at left (in this page, right) describes the current status of your sound settings visually. If current status is the custom status, you can also hit the sound button to change its behavior.


Note that this feature works only when the application is running, i.e. at foreground or background. Therefore, please control the presence of the SitRepApp application, and check the Automatical Existence feature correctly.



Not everyone in your contact list has the same priority in your eyes. Now we have a chance to apply this.


With this functionality, you can create contact groups which have different specialties, such as silencing, vibrating etc. calls which come from a specific group, if you are at the SitRepMode in this application and call handling is active.


In addition to that, you can select which contact groups will receive an Auto-Reply SMS (which is explained at next section) if their phone calls are not answered, given that the Auto-Reply mode is active and SMS Usage of SitRepApp is allowed.


Note that some groups have different properties and some of them are frozen. Please set your contact groups’ specialties carefully and correctly.




You adjusted your phone to be silent during the meeting, but the people who call you couldn’t now this. Until now.

SitRepApp application offers you to send Auto-Reply SMS –which contains your current status and may contain when you will be available this day– after the unanswered calls of the people that you allow. Your availability is found as when the Auto-Reply SMS feature for the daily status plan will be turned off in this day.

To activate this feature, first make sure that the SMS Usage of SitRepApp™ is allowed and the application is working, at background or foreground. Then, set your icon at the right of the Home Page of Main Menu such that it allows the Auto-Reply SMS feature (Yellow visual) by setting your custom status, pre-defined statuses or daily status for this day appropriately.

Note that this function works only when the application is active and status texts exceeding the limit of 1 SMS will be discarded, while statuses other than daily status will not contain the information of when you will be available unless it is explicitly written by you as the custom status.



Each one of us wanted to remind a person about something he/she should do. Now it’s time to do this easily like an alarm.


SitRepApp application lets you to set a Time Adjusted SMS which will contain your desired text without any length limit (but still the number of SMS needed for delivery will be displayed for convenience), and this message will go to whoever you want, at whenever you want.


To use this functionality, go to the relevant page from dropdown list at Main Menu. Then, find the person from your contact list who will receive the SMS. After that, write down the content of SMS that you wish. Lastly, set the time of delivery, as a future date naturally.


Note that this function does not care about the allowance of SMS Usage at Master Controls, so long as the directive of Time Adjusted SMS is explicitly given by the user.




Ever fell into a dangerous situation and wanted to send SMS message to your family contains your location? Now you can!


With Alert Case! functionality, now you can send pre-defined emergency message with or without your location information to the members of your family group by just a few clicks –and it doesn’t need internet connection at all!


To use the feature, open the Alert Case! page in the Main Menu. There will be a pre-defined emergency message at the top text box which you can modify as you wish. In the case of urgency, select whether you want to send your location also as another SMS and double click on the button at the end to send the emergency messages.


Note that this functionality does not care about the SMS Usage property at the Master Controls Menu, so long as user needs to activate the functionality explicitly. Also, at most 10 people at your family list can receive these SMS messages as a limit, means that 20 SMS can be sent at a single attempt.